Get your business Net Zero Ready!

...without breaking the bank. The strong link between Carbon and cost reductions makes decarbonisation essential to long term commercial success, futureproofing and creating secondary income.

Our pioneering Energy Projects can model 4-5yr streams pay back periods using secondary revenue streams and real data.

Who we are.

We are a small bespoke company, that specialise in providing turnkey small-medium sized microgeneration systems, incorporating Solar PV / Battery Storage technology. By using innovative energy solutions it enables business's to take advantage of new revenue streams and service offerings.

We carry out free feasability and assessment of the options available before helping our clients through every step of the project.

A project to future-proof!

We began our project some 3yrs ago, after becoming more and more concerned about the future proofing of my electricity supply for the hotel, and the imminent changes being placed on us by government, the digitalisation of Electricity network, further increasing tariffs on Carbon, and CO2 emissions, and that how in the future if there was no total recognition of the use of renewables by all and sundry, the consequences were dire, to simply continue down the same complacent route, society would be causing irrefutable damage for further generations. However by "embracing" the situation, we began to realise that by in fact engaging with improvements in technology, the fall in costs and the dramatic improvements in systems, there was out there an inspiring alternative.


We are looking at setting up a bespoke turnkey company based on our own £400,000 internal model, which represents a new concept on how by unlocking innovative energy solutions (Solar PV, Battery Storage, Heat pumps, System optimisation, bespoke agile supply tariffs and all power and system providers). It is possible to create a concise auditable system, to a point were larger establishments could even become integral parts of the grid system importing and exporting power, introducing new service offerings, new income streams that when added with the effect of massive savings of 70% electricity invoices and a reduction of 60% gas usage dramatically increase a business's viability and opportunities, all excess power is being used to power a series of ev charging points for the hotel.

We based our aims and model on looking at 10-12% return which with the additional usage of grant funding and Tax incentives, we felt was an acceptable return, for something that in time, with increases in electricity prices, and governmental commitment to emission targets in the future, going to become inevitable.

All design systems and returns are bespoke (therefore is impossible to guarantee specific returns) but from viewing our real time live data systems, you realise how systems can be adapted very easily, and that from analysing and comparing our system, it can be seen in particularly scenario's to be considerably higher.

Our aim to become a best of practice and model in renewables, carbon foot print and CO2 emissions in the coming years for business and domestic persons, and to also become the first hotel net zero in the country.

Our System is comprised of 70 kw of solar panels, 16 bore 110 kw ground source heat pump (110kw) and a 136v Lithium Phosphate battery storage system, with which we produce all our electricity needs for eight months of the year, two months 50% Nov/Feb with Dec/Jan generating 10%.

Ground source heat system installation.

Receiving the grant award.

Development Support

The Hotel was supported by the Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire Programme, to help implement these energy saving measures and was awarded £47,320.26 of grant funding to help them achieve this. The £8.5 million Programme has been part funded by the European Regional Development Fund, to help support small and medium-sized businesses in the Greater Lincolnshire area to reduce their carbon emissions.

See the results

If you would like to see the raw data from our Solar System, you can do so by clicking the SolarEdge button below.

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